Our Kentucky Woods cake is the original, one and only Bourbon Barrel Cake and is a moist brown sugar cake with pure maple and chocolate cake, topped with walnuts, chocolate and caramel bourbon icing. We use seven year aged Kentucky bourbon to give a very unique nutty and maple flavor. After baking what is left of the bourbon is not the alcohol, yet the essence which is the richest form of bourbon. All the flavor without the alcohol, is our secret!

Known for its smooth sipping flavor Kentucky bourbon is the finest bourbon in the world. Originally named after Bourbon County, Kentucky, bourbon has been produced in Kentucky in charred oak wood barrels since the 18th century.

Made in small batches and allowed to soak up that smooth Kentucky bourbon flavor each Kentucky Woods™ cake is steeped in 200 years of Kentucky heritage.

Our secret is that we have a unique recipe that allows our Kentucky Woods™ cake to retain all of the rich flavor of the bourbon, with a rich brown sugar, nutty and maple flavor though without the alcohol. That's right our secret is all of the flavor without the alcohol.

We are the original Bourbon Barrel Cake™ and the worlds only full flavor bourbon cake hand made and hand packed in a real wood barrel box. Kentucky Proud!

10 Inch, 3 Pound 2 Ounces of rich moist brown sugar cake with chocolate, walnuts, maple, caramel and more. Packed in a made in America hand made real wood barrel box. Serves 12 to 14.

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Kentucky Woods™ is a proud member of the Kentucky Proud™ community
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